Award Winning Salon for Natural Hair and Braids

It is important for our stylist to work with care to get the results while improving the condition of the your hair.

E.P.I. stylist does not cornrow or braid  hair tight which is abusive or destroy hair through chemical damage.  We will improve your hair condition while increasing growth.   We provide assorted hair lines for Braids, Weaves, Crochet, Fusion, Extensions, Micro Links, Tape Extensions, Customize Wigs and Halo’s along with other hair techniques.

​O​ur website for ​provides ​100% high quality human hair ( grade​ 7A/9A​) ​which​ is tested and evaluated for long term use (1 to 2 years if maintain properly), non shedding and can be colored.  We offer retail and wholesale cost if you would like to establish your own hair line feel free to call  206-400-7243 “Minority Own Business” or email: exclusivepersistentimag ​your response and request for​ natural hair, skin and body products​; ​Also keep your eyes open for ​E.P.I.​ upcoming new ​hairline ​soon with ​2 years​ longevity use​.

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E.P.I. – is capable of creating 365 natural products.Taking the services beyond beauty from Eye Lash Extensions (Human Hair), Natural Hair Care, Basic Straighteners, Braids, Cornrows, Weaves (without tight tension on hair), Edges Regrowth, Fusion, Pony Tails, Twist, Invisibles Braids (interlock), Dreds, Frontals. Closures, 360’s. Lace Fronts, Natural Hair Coloring, Natural Products, Retail and Wholesale purchase.